A post about somthing no one cares about anymore.

Yes this is a post about the inauguration (sort of), and im not going to say sorry for it. I know if you are anything like me, you are happy that the election is over and happy that maybe for just a little while all the hooplah will calm down.

so if you ask me,

Today is a day for celebration. Not just because our new president is black.

Not just because (Some think) Obama will being something fresh for a new generation.

Not just because its the end of the Bush Era.


Because we live in a free country where peaceful transitions of power take place.

Because we can disagree with each other on just about every issue imaginable and live to see the next day.

Because God is alive and in control.

Because we are alive.

Because no matter how bad it gets it could always be worse.

Today I am hopeful for our little nation. I am hopeful that we will lay partisan politics aside and do what is best for our country and the world. But most of all i am thankful that no matter who is in office God is still active, moving, and changing lives. He is still holding our tiny nation in his hand and waiting.