I am not satisfied

There have been some random posts around here lately, as im sure you have noticed. Those posts are a tiny part of a poem I wrote a while back. Those little snippets were meant to make you wonder if i was crazy or not. Mainly its about some frustrations I have, and im sure some of you share with me. enjoy..

I am not satisfied
with the way things are
with the way things have been
spiritually, physically, mentally and so on

I am not satisfied
with the left verses right
the conservative verses liberal
the emergent verses Orthodox
the this verses that

I am not satisfied
with being divided
with brothers fighting against brothers
with looking and not finding
with a divided, empty, hurting, and starving



I am hoping
I am believing
I am Rejoicing


I am not the only one

others like me exist
others feel the same way
others are not satisfied
others that want

unity, grace, peace, mercy, love and


[blogger wont format this the way I want, just deal :)]