Question of the day...

You wake up in the morning to realize you dont have any clean underwear and little time to wash some. Do you:
A. Wear dirty undies that day.
B. Go commando that day.
C. Wash some knowing they wont have ample time to dry and wear wet undies that day.
D. None of the above.

What do you do?

I cant belive people feel this conversation is necessary

I cant believe people feel the need to have a three hour conversations about wheather or not Rob Bell is a Christian.

Seriously dont you have something better to do?


Advent conspirecy

Hey yalls, I wanted to let you in on a really cool organization that our Church is partnering with this year, and from here on out. The organization is called Advent conspiracy, and the partner with an organization called Living Water International. Their main goal is to end the clean water crisis, and are well on their way do putting a huge dent in it.

Have a look at this Video and see what you feel led to do.

Water into wine


Number 12 tweet in springfield.

I am the number twelve ranked twitter user in Springfield mo according to twitter grader's twitter elite.

check your stats here at Twitter Grader.

So how does hiltler feel about the great emergence?

While I agree with Doug Padgett that is may be a little to early to start making Hitler jokes. I did find this to be very funny. If you keep any tabs on Emergent Village in the slightest bit you will too.

Are we done emerging yet?

When is the Church no longer emerging? When have we emerged? Because once we emerge we can actually get a name right?

If you haven't thought about it the Church has gone though "emergances" about every 500 years. Think about it, 500 years ago the reformation, 500 years before that the Great Scism, 500 years before that the council of Chalcedon, and so on. Every 500 years it seems that the Church rethinks where its going. As of right now we are in the middle of that rethinking.

But these are some questions I've been working though as of late. At what point are we no longer in this transitional period? And, are we ever out of it for that matter? Further, are we going to name this movement outside of "emergent" or "emerging". Because if you think about it "emergent" and "emerging" are transitional words for something that is coming into a state of being. When have we reached that state?

Its interesting because we try to label the "emerging church" but in reality we cant label it in terms of styles, because the emerging church is so diverse in its stylings. That is what makes this movement so different from movements of the past. We are no longer concerned with finding a cookie cutter church model that fits in all areas, but more focused on bringing the kingdom of God into our contexts. That looks different in every area geologically and sociologically. Maybe we should be calling this the "ecumenical movement" or "the really diverse movement with no real name".

With that said I do recognize that there are some values that more emergent people share. Such as a greater sense of community, acceptance, kingdom mentality, and recognition of social injustice. At the same time we are really diverse because we have people like Mark Driscoll, and then people like Rob Bell. Both considered emergent but very opposing in thought.

So what do you think? When have we arrived? Do we ever really arrive? What should this movement be called?


Happy Birthday

Today is my oh so lovely wife's Birthday.

I am a very lucky man, she is ice in my tea, the ice cream on my cake, or whatever other silly saying you want to use.

I have put her though hell yet she still stands by me.

Here is to great wives!

I love you Cheeseburger!!

Im Feeling Better

Im sure those of you who dont follow me on twitter or another social network have been wondering where the heck I am.

Well I am alive and kicking. I was in the hospital for 5 days being treated to viral meningitis. What that is im still not totally sure. It has something to do my brain being infected. Really not all that good.

Anywho, all in all im feeling better. I still get really tired really easy and my back hurts like heck. While I was in the hospital I had to have two spinal taps (freaking sucked). That could have something to do with it.

Anyway, I am back at home, and I am feeling better.

Thanks for all the prayers, and encouraging words.