White, Black, Purple, Blue, Pink, or Rainbow...

It does not matter what color you are, political party you find yourself in, state you reside, or religion you profess. The United States made History last night. The election of Barack Obama is proof of progress. Something that could not have happened 50 years ago, happened. After years spent fighting for equality, it has been realized. Countless amounts of blood, sweat, and tears were shed for a night like last night. A night that proved anything is possible, for anyone...


Ashley Tolbert said...

Making a big deal about his race is going against everything he said in his campaign. He said it wasn't ever about the color of his skin, but his politics and while I, like everyone else, can recognize the "history being made" I still do not agree with his politics. But he is now my president, and as such, he has my respect.

Ryan said...

that is beside the point. The fact is, we have came a long way in the last 50 years. This would have never been possible, now it is. It give me hope that people can change..

Ashley Tolbert said...

I'm not looking forward to his kind of change

Ryan said...

well its a good thing over half of American is...

Kevin Davis said...

It does need to be about race a little. I understand that it's not all about race, but to think that there are people who were allowed to vote because they were black and in this election they not only got to vote but saw the first African-American get elected for Prez of the U.S. of A! That is exciting and something a lot of white and black people struggled together for - we should celebrate!

Ashley Tolbert said...

Again, I understand the significance, but am still not happy with him in the White House. Making a big deal over his being a man of color whether positively or negatively, is racist.

Ryan said...

It is silly to say that making a "big deal" out of him being black is racist. It is significant that thousands of people fought for equality that reached beyond sitting anywhere they wanted on a bus. Equality was realized in a person of color being elected. Its a sign that we truly are putting the past behind us.

What about him being in the white house dont you like? Is it the lower taxes?

Karla said...

Let's face it, there are people who voted for Obama JUST because he is black; and there are people who did not vote for him just because he is black. That being said, we all know if he did not win the election, there would be people who claimed it was because of his race. You can't say you don't want this to be about the color of skin, then in the same breath say how far this country has come because we can elect a black man into the office. Very conflicting, even if no one wants to actually admit that.
That being said, just because he won, does not mean everyone who did not vote for him all of the sudden are going to think he is the greatest thing to happen to our country. He is our president, and for that, he will get my respect as well - however, I am not happy because he won either. And, in this wonderful country that we live in, we are allowed that right, without being criticized and without the sarcasm.
It will be interesting to see how many people are still behind him when all his campaign promises are not realized.
How sad is that we can elect a man who served a total of 150 days in the senate, as the most liberal senator ever, a man who cannot get the clearance to even serve on his own secret service detail, and a man with no experience running anything. We haven't come that far.

Ryan said...

No one is saying he is the best thing to happen to our country. No one is really saying anything about him other than the fact that in the area of equality we have come a long way in the last 50 years. To deny that fact is ignorant.

Kevin Davis said...

Karla, I'm confused on how you can say he is the most liberal senator ever - where do you get that from? And calling him liberal is a self-justifying way to brush over the 'conservative' senators who are just as human, greedy, broken and not perfect as Obama.

Ashley, I have black friends who are talking about how cool it is that he is in office and together we are celebrating it. If they thought it was racist I'd agree, but they don't. Also, one of them is admittedly against him and voted for McCain, even though she is black. She celebrates his victory on the grounds of equality, but isn't behind him just 'cause he is black.

I think it is interesting how all these white people are now so 'racial sensitive.' We should all celebrate the fact that our country is that awesome that a man from Kenya can come to America, start a family and even though he left his family, that family survived and sent their son to college. This is the American story, for all people, a true melting pot and the land of opportunity. We know he, like every other white Prez before him, will fail in areas, frustrate large numbers of our country - but no Prez has been perfect, no Prez has delivered on all their promises, but we can still support him and pray for him. So stop demonizing him.

karla said...

I do not believe Ashley nor myself "demonized" him. Nor did either one of us say any president before him was perfect. What is the purpose of allowing the posting of comments when so many times a comment is posted that goes against your thoughts, the comments are torn apart and criticized. Doesn't appear anyone wants to see an opinion that differs from their own.
It doesn't matter why we are against Obama, he will be our next president. However, I am saddened by the fact that so many people voted for him, for whatever reason, without really knowing all the facts - too many times I heard Obama backers trying to justify their vote as a vote for change, but they really couldn't explain what that meant. Get informed before you vote, and definitely before you start criticizing others about their vote.
It's going to be an interesting four years. We will survive, just like we have in the past. Where this man takes our country, we'll have to sit back and see.
As for the "most liberal senator" - really, have you not turned on the tv in the past few months? The National Journal rates senators every year - based on voting. Here is a Fox News link, but you can also head to the internet to see it on other sites.


Ryan said...

Your guys' comments are not being "torn apart" views are just being defended. This is one thing that has driven me crazy this election. I can only speak for myself here but, I have tried to keep the John McCain bashing to a minimum. Outside of debating his policies I have said nothing that would be considered hurtful. On the other hand out of conservatives, even the Christian ones. I hear words like socialist, terrorist, basically attacks. Its great to be passionate about something, not so great to go about passion in the wrong way.

Now, not only are people attacking him, they are attacking the people that voted him in by saying its "just because he is black" lets face it, people voted against him just because they heard some ignorant person say he is a terrorist, or a socialist. Stuff like that goes both ways, there is no way to tell who gets the advantage so there is no point in even mentioning it.

Another thing that is frustrating me is the "we will get through it" mentality. People are already setting him up for failure. You have know idea what the future holds, he could be the best president yet, there is no sense being negative already when we have no idea about what is going to happen.

About his experience. He graduated from Colombia and Harvard law, was a community organizer, practiced as a civil rights attorney, taught the university of Chicago law school, served three terms on the state senate, and has been in the US senate since 2004. Seems like his experience is a little more than "150 days” Anyway, I feel no more need to defend him or his polices.

However, I must say I am entirely irritated at the conservative response as a whole. Here are some facebook and myspace updates I have been seeing the last few days. Most of them from Christian people.

"is wondering if there is a day after pill for President-Elects."

"is mad at Christians who voted for Obama because they are extremely ignorant!"

"Obama said there are many ways to Jesus and to heaven. Thats not true! Jesus said there is only one way to Heaven, and thats through HIM! You people do not know anything about the Bible if you claim to be a Christian and voted for Obama. YOU ARE IGNORANT!!!!"

"Killing babies is not something that the Bible says is ok, but then again, you didnt know that there is only one way to Heaven, which brings me back to my original conclusion of you being IGNORANT!!!!"

"nervous, eating cookies, getting a stomach ache and stressin over the results... Help us Jesus!!"

"is just sick to her stomach!"

"is totally bummed about the election. I will never support Obama."

"is counting down the last 2 months of capitalism "hey, hey hey... goodbye"."

"hopes everyone that voted for Obama likes what they are going to get."

"In 1 Samuel 10:18, the Israelites turned against God and said that they wanted an earthly king. So God said, "Fine, you want a king? I'll give you a king."

This is what should have been being said.

"isn't happy about the election; but will stand behind the new president elect. And will be praying for unity."

Then Karla you say, "a man who cannot get the clearance to even serve on his own secret service detail, and a man with no experience running anything."

Do we still need to ask how he is being "demonized"?

I, and others are just sick of all the negativity, lets back up 2,000 years, place ourselves under Roman rule. Knowing scripture, and the Character of Jesus what do you think he would say to his disciples when if they said things like this? I'm betting it would be a fast rebuke with a little holy slap to back it up.

Further, as Christians our hope, nor our detriment should be found in the election or the non, of a presidential candidate. It is found in the love of Christ, where I strive to live, and where president-elect Obama also seeks to live. “Our hope is found in nothing less that Jesus blood and righteousness”

The fact is that this was a post of celebration, stating the simple fact that 100 years ago blacks were still slaves and 50 years ago they couldn't go to the same schools as whites, now we have reached equality to a point where the majority of American is comfortable with a Black President. It has turned into a ridiculous debate with ridiculous accusations. As for me, I am proud to say, We have some so far.

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan, though ridiculous, you have to admit the 'day after pill' comment is pretty funny.


I'll start by apologizing because apparently my 'text' response came across much stronger than I intended.

Here's the thing. I'm not a Democrat and I'm definitely not a Republican. I'm a frustrated Christian trying to define a Christ-like voice in the two-party democracy we have. What I hate is how the Conservative Right has hijacked the Christian vote and pretended like it is the only way to vote. Of course only white Christians think that, but that is besides the point. Both parties are ran by god-less people will god-less goals. Jesus intentionally didn't play into the power struggles of his day, the current empire.

Too many white evangelicals drink the Fox News koolaid and think it isn't biased like CNN. Are you kidding me? It doesn't seem biased when you agree with it - but any survey they did to rank the 'liberalness' of Obama is as biased as CNN saying McCain is the most closed mind or something. It's not valid. Though you may not be trying to demonize him, by not speaking to the broken humanness of both sides of the fence, you make the one (in this case liberal democrats, or just democrats or Obama) as less than yourself or your ideals or the other party in general.

I'll trust that if you are friends with Ryan then we can be too - since you two obviously don't agree either. In the end I'm tired of anti-Obama comments like McCain would have been that much better.

Kevin Davis said...

I forgot - Karla, read this article (http://www.sojo.net/blog/godspolitics/?p=3318) by a Christian blogger. It speaks to the demonizing that has been going on from the 'Conservative Right.' Lets face it, Obama can't do any worse that George W - who was the 'Christian' vote in the past two elections.

Kevin Davis said...

Sorry - just read this http://www.sojo.net/blog/godspolitics/?p=3585 and thought I should share - really good article.

Anonymous said...

I am not thrilled about Obama either, but the position demands respect and he will have that from me. I know that you are talking about unity Ryan . . . and that is a good thing. But correct me if I am wrong . . . didn't your facebook status right after the election say something like you hope the "conservative tools" will get behind the new president? Hardly the way to promote unity and it's exactly the same behavior of McCain supporters. Both wrong.

Ryan said...

Close, I said something to the effect of "I hope conservatives back the new president rather than acting like tools." It seems like im seeing more toolage than not too. Im sad about that..

Anonymous said...

Well- anyway you look at it, I am glad the election is over, I prefer your posts and pictures about your family.