Five Reasons to Vote For Barack Obama, From A Christian's Perspective

With all the fuss associated with followers of Jesus voting for the democratic nominee I thought that I would post some reasons why I, as a Christ follower feel we should consider Obama.

1. War in Iraq- This is one of the many reasons Conservatives are shying away from a endorsement of Obama. I on the other hand, believe that it is time we pull out of Iraq and start to focus on other nations of threat.

Why Do I believe this? I believe this because during this war there have been hundreds of thousand lives lost. The lives lost in this war stretch far beyond troops to innocent civilians. As a person who values life I believe we cannot put anymore lives at risk.

2. Abortion- My view on abortion is much more moderate than most evangelicals, I see that simply holding a pro-life or pro-choice stance does absolutely nothing to help the situation. One thing many people neglect is that fact that neither pro- choice or pro-life advocates want abortion to happen on a large scale as it is.

As far as Obama's and McCain's plans go. I believe that Obama's plan will aid in the reduction of abortions more than McCain's will. His plan to make adoption more viable, educate women/ men on safe sex, and assist young mothers and families will reduce abortion rates.

On another note: Under Bush the teen pregnancy and abortion rate has gone up to record levels. This should be enough evidence that simply being Pro-life is not enough.

3. Homosexuality- As a Christian, while I believe homosexuality is a sin, I also understand that "we all fall short of God's glory" and are all sinners. Furthermore, I believe in equality. The Homosexual community should not be punished simply because of life choices.

It is ridiculous that Homosexual partners are denied the right to share health insurance, visit each other in the hospital, buy a home together, or even somehow recognize their commitment to each other.

Now, at the same time, I do not support changing the definition of marriage, neither does Obama, but it is only fair that their realationship is recognized and valid.

4. Energy- It is important that we begin to take steps to move away from fossil fuels that produce carbon emissions. It is also important that we begin to research cleaner alternative energy options to power not only our cars but also our buildings.

We are called to take care of the environment we were given. It is our responsibility to do so.

Not only does Obama's plan seek to cut our dependence on foreign oil that feeds the terrorists who are seeking to destroy us, but it also will create thousands of new jobs, stimulating our economy.

5. Health care- We live in the most prosperous nation in the world but nearly half of our citizens are uninsured. This, for the most part, is because insurance policies are to high for many to afford. Not only does this lead to undiagnosed medical conditions but also, in many cases, bankruptcy for those who have a serious medical condition and are uninsured.

With that said Obama's plan has been called a form of socialism. I do not believe it is. His plan allows you to keep whatever insurance you currently have, or buy into a more affordable national policy.

The most important issue here is that we look at the entirety of the situation, there are some things Obama believes that I simply do not, the same goes for McCain. I simply believe that Obama is more able to relate and react to the problems we are facing now and will face in the future. You may believe different, that is fine.

Lastly, I don't care who you are voting for, just vote. or don't... (video)


There seems to be some possible issues with some of my sources as far as the abortion rate and Bush. Here is a comment someone sent me

Which stats are correct Im not sure. One set says they are up 17% under Bush, the other says they are declining but no where near the rate they were while Clinton was in office. If you guys have anymore info on these stats please do email me.



Marshall said...

Great Post Ryan! Found this on Twitter search.
Marshall (KE4ZNR on Twitter).

Ryan said...


Kevin Davis said...

I voted whole-life!

Anonymous said...

I don't expect you to publish this but for information sake you are wrong about the abortion rate going up under Bush, in fact it's the exact opposite, I know it sounds good to say it but you need to back this stuff up otherwise you are misleading to people and take away any merit that you have ... it's simply not true. I will find a link and try to post it on here to prove it to you.

Ryan said...

A- from now on use the NAME URL button or your comment will not be published...

Here are a few sites talking about the rising abortion rate. And another talking about some problems with the statistics. Either way we cant get around the fact that under clinton abortion rates declined much faster than under bush. Again it is all relevent to the data you read.

That is one of the issues we face when talking about his stuff. everything is inconclusive. There are sites like, but even they have been proven to be false in the past. This is yet another reason why this is such a hard issue to deal with.

Ryan said...

I have added a disclaimer or sorts to this post....