How Sick Of Politics Are You?

This is be the second to last post on politics you have to read I promise. But, really no matter which candidate you are endorsing, how sick of politics are you?

I know I am sick of politics.

Im sick of the fact that people cant get along just because they have differing views.

Im sick of the fact that people jeopardize relationships because of disagreements.

Im sick of the fact that both parties lie.

Im sick of the fact that people are quick to condemn.

Im sick of people that think you have to support one candidate over the other if you are a Christan.

Most of all Im sick of the bickering.

I am all for open conversation, I have had a lot of them. I have a lot of friends that have different views than me, we talk about them and sometimes I persuade them other times they persuade me, and Im ok with that. What im not ok with is people fighting all the time.

The division we see between Liberals and Conservatives is half the problem. We need to stop fighting all the time and start moving forward.

What are you sick of?


Kevin Davis said...

Definitely tired of all the demonizing and yappin' - can't wait for it to be over and for Obama to ruin our lives as we know (since he's going to win).