How Sick Of Politics Are You?

This is be the second to last post on politics you have to read I promise. But, really no matter which candidate you are endorsing, how sick of politics are you?

I know I am sick of politics.

Im sick of the fact that people cant get along just because they have differing views.

Im sick of the fact that people jeopardize relationships because of disagreements.

Im sick of the fact that both parties lie.

Im sick of the fact that people are quick to condemn.

Im sick of people that think you have to support one candidate over the other if you are a Christan.

Most of all Im sick of the bickering.

I am all for open conversation, I have had a lot of them. I have a lot of friends that have different views than me, we talk about them and sometimes I persuade them other times they persuade me, and Im ok with that. What im not ok with is people fighting all the time.

The division we see between Liberals and Conservatives is half the problem. We need to stop fighting all the time and start moving forward.

What are you sick of?

For My Conservitive Friends

This is a interesting watch. It wont hurt you to have a look at it...

What if

your life was being constantly recorded?

Would you live differently?

I know I would be much more, kind, loving, well mannered, and less angry.

Comment, seriously...

Its Offical Official

So it was official a few weeks ago, but now its official official.

For those of you that dont know that is Justin, and those are my keys in his hand... Well they were my keys. Now they are just keys...

So you know its official official when you turn in keys.

if you have no idea what im talking about click here.

Why Would You Do This...

Regardless of who you are voting for, you have to be a complete idiot to do like this guy did...

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures Amanda surprised me with the other day. I thought you all might enjoy them!

It would suck to be this guy

Bird poops in a reporters mouth on life tv...

sounds like a crappy situation... ha.

Its Official

You know something is official when you change it in your calender....

Here is to new beginnings.

Islam is Delight...

wow, thats all just wow..

Who won the debate?

Who to you think won the debate, and why?

I will chime in later.

If Anyone Cares, This is Worth A Read

This is an inspiring read. It's a story from a Norwegian newspaper that a person on blogger translated. Here is a link to the translated page.

Mary lacked money to fly home to Norway – he saved her love

ÅSGÅRDSTRAND (VG): Mary was a newlywed and ready to move to Norway, but was stopped at the airport because she didn’t have enough money for the trip. Then a stranger turned up and paid for her.

Mary Menth Andersen was 31 years old at the time and had just married Norwegian Dag Andersen. She was looking forward to starting a new life in Åsgårdstrand in Vestfold with him. But first she had to get all of her belongings across to Norway. The date was November 2nd, 1988.
At the airport in Miami things were hectic as usual, with long lines at the check-in counters. When it was finally Mary’s turn and she had placed her luggage on the baggage line, she got the message that would crush her bubbling feeling of happiness.
-You’ll have to pay a 103 dollar surcharge if you want to bring both those suitcases to Norway, the man behind the counter said.
Mary had no money. Her new husband had travelled ahead of her to Norway, and she had no one else to call.
-I was completely desperate and tried to think which of my things I could manage without. But I had already made such a careful selection of my most prized possessions, says Mary.

Although she explained the situation to the man behind the counter, he showed no signs of mercy.
-I started to cry, tears were pouring down my face and I had no idea what to do. Then I heard a gentle and friendly voice behind me saying, That’s OK, I’ll pay for her.
Mary turned around to see a tall man whom she had never seen before.
-He had a gentle and kind voice that was still firm and decisive. The first thing I thought was, Who is this man?
Although this happened 20 years ago, Mary still remembers the authority that radiated from the man.
-He was nicely dressed, fashionably dressed with brown leather shoes, a cotton shirt open at the throat and khaki pants, says Mary.
She was thrilled to be able to bring both her suitcases to Norway and assured the stranger that he would get his money back. The man wrote his name and address on a piece of paper that he gave to Mary. She thanked him repeatedly. When she finally walked off towards the security checkpoint, he waved goodbye to her.

The piece of paper said ‘Barack Obama’ and his address in Kansas, which is the state where his mother comes from. Mary carried the slip of paper around in her wallet for years, before it was thrown out.
-He was my knight in shining armor, says Mary, smiling.
She paid the 103 dollars back to Obama the day after she arrived in Norway. At that time he had just finished his job as a poorly paid community worker* in Chicago, and had started his law studies at prestigious Harvard university.
In the spring of 2006 Mary’s parents had heard that Obama was considering a run for president, but that he had still not decided. They chose to write a letter in which they told him that he would receive their votes. At the same time, they thanked Obama for helping their daughter 18 years earlier.
In a letter to Mary’s parents dated May 4th, 2006 and stamped ‘United States Senate, Washington DC’, Barack Obama writes**:
‘I want to thank you for the lovely things you wrote about me and for reminding me of what happened at Miami airport. I’m happy I could help back then, and I’m delighted to hear that your daughter is happy in Norway. Please send her my best wishes. Sincerely, Barack Obama, United States senator’.
The parents sent the letter on to Mary.

This week VG met her and her husband in the café that she runs with her friend Lisbeth Tollefsrud in Åsgårdstrand.
-It’s amazing to think that the man who helped me 20 years ago may now become the next US president, says Mary delightedly.
She has already voted for Obama. She recently donated 100 dollars to his campaign.
She often tells the story from Miami airport, both when race issues are raised and when the conversation turns to the presidential elections.
-I sincerely hope the Americans will see reason and understand that Obama means change, says Mary.

Sonseed full album

Hey Yall' do you remember these guys?

Well you can get their full album off of my friend Josh Crain's blog. Have a click over there, its worth a listen.

Don't worry you aren't breaking any laws by downloading it.

Emerging Church

A friend asked me to post about my emerging Church class and what it is like taking it is Southern Missouri. So I decided that I would, because it is interesting at times to say the least.

The professor, Steve Smallwood, Pastored New Life Church in Springfield, he was also a director for Teen Challenge, among many other things (you can see his professional profile if you click his name).

As far as course content goes we are reading a couple books, the First being "Vintage Faith" by Dan Kimball. The second "Church Re-Imagined: The Spiritual Formation of People in Communities of Faith" By Doug Padgitt . If you haven't read these books pick them up...

For the most part the class was set up to inform about the Emergent movement, if you want to call it that. The first couple weeks were addressing the differences between the modern movement, and the post modern movement. Further than that the transition of thinking from modernism to post modernism.

To expound a bit, we have been talking specifically about, the house Church movement, third place thinking, faith communities as opposed to traditional Churches, as well as the various types of "Emerging Churches" that are popping up.

As far as the location of the class, it is interesting because there are a lot of really conservative kids in the class that like to combat some of the ideas. It makes for a good time. For the rest of the students in the class I think it is mainly putting names to the ideas they already had.

For me it has been fun because I have already read both the books and thought through most of this stuff so I am able to take it all in, and really get an idea about what other people think.

Thats about all I have to say about that...

If you guys have any specific questions about anything regarding this ask!

Lil' Bill

Just wait until the end.

Little Bill O'Reilly Tells It Like It Is - Watch more free videos

I think this is fairly accurate...

My little banana

Ok, so that costume wasn't meant for Levi, but still I had to do it...

Weekend Project

I had a busy week/ weekend and Im just now getting a chance to post pictures of the little project It did. I put together a little play area for Levi and the kids Amanda watches during the day in our veranda. Here are some pictures.

God Likes Atheists More...

This got my gears turning a little, what do you think?

Comment, do it.

[edited: I fixed my spelling, Im going to slap my iPhone right across its shiny screen]