You know that one song...

I have heard this a TON over the last few months.

It turns out that the song "Healer" by planetshakers pastor Michael Guglielmucci was a fake. At least his story about fighting with a terminal case of cancer. You can see the newspaper articale here, but the gist of it is he lied about having cancer.

The big thing here is we need to be praying for him, his family, and those who are being affected my the lies. The paper said that he even lied to his family about it.

Now with that said, the thing that really makes me laugh about this whole situation is the fact that people think they need to make stuff up to compensate for God, as if he cant make stuff happen by himself. Because we all know that God isn't capable of doing stuff on his own...

The thing that we can hold to is that God will move even when the messenger is corrupt. There are countless people that have been touched by this song and his ministry dispite his short comings. So, before you get mad about this recognize that the LORD is moving though this song, even though it was written by a not so perfect man.

Who would have guessed right?