My Son Is a Genious...

Most people wouldn't expect a 14 month old child to beable to make phone calls and hold a conversation but mine sure can.

Last night I got home from playing football with theBurn guys and I got a phone call. Caller ID said "Amanda Joy" so I picked up and said my usall "hello" and I hear "Da da da da da da hahah hi hi hi da da ha" So I starting talking and he is listening then proceeds with some more Da Da's and I eventuly say bye and hang up.

About 15 minutes later I get another phone call. "Da da da da ha ha hi hi" So I talk to him some more and then finally say "Levi go give the phone to mommy" I hear a pitterpatter of baby feet then "OwWwWwW!!! Levi we dont hit mommy with her phone, that is a no no". Anyway she didn't realize I was on the other line so she just told him to go play.

At this point im like what the crap, I thought Amanda was calling me and giving him the phone but that wasnt the case. So im like did my 1 year old really manage to call me not only once but twice, and did he really just go give her the phone?

I hang up again

A short time later phone rings again

ME: hello
Amanda: Hey I am on my way home I will be there soon.
Me: Did you know Levi has been calling me for the last hour.
Amanda: What?
Me: Yeah he called me twice and the second time I told him to give you the phone and he hit you with it, then you proceeded to tell him not to hit people with the phone.
Amanda: Thats crazy, he was walking around with the phone to his ear saying Da Da but I thought he was just messing around.
Me: Nope he was talking to me.

My kid is a genius, that's all I have to say. If he can operate the Blackberry UI at 1 who knows what he can to at 2.

Oh on top of this he figured out how to unlock my iPhone and get to the "Bub" game that I downloaded for him...

So if you ever think your kid is smart remember this, Mine is much smarter than yours :)