Flat Tires Suck Harder Than a Dyson...

Most of you know we went to Colorado to visit my Family, all in all we had a great time.

We went swimming a lot, hung out with my little brothers, ate a lot of good food (and some not so good food), We had a great time though. It was good to see Levi interact with my little brothers, he had a hoot.

We went to Denver on Saturday and ate at this place called Casa Bonita If you are ever in Denver dont go there it was the grossest food I have ever eaten. All though as some friends have pointed out the Sopapias are good. The entertainment isn't that great either, plus the place smells like a dirty indoor pool.

The crappy thing is that on the way home we hit this,

Which in turn made this happen,

Not to mention it was like 110 over the cement. So Here I am laying on one of the kids blankets trying to change a tires while sweat pours off of me. Not a good time.

We made it home (obviously) but the tire was not repairable so we had to buy two new ones ($170.00), and I have to buy two more next month or my other tires will pop.

It was great to visit the Fam but not so great to get a flat.

Here is to the guy that lost the foot long nail on the highway and cost me 400 bucks...


Mike McGarvey said...

Bum deal on the tire man; But the entertainment alone is worth the drive to Denver to hit up some Casa Bonita. Who isn't up for some cliff diving over dinner?