Do You Ever Feel Small?

I feel small all the time.
When I stand next to someone who is taller than me.
When I am next to a tree.
When Im standing under a really tall building.
When I look up into the sky.
Then I see Pictures like this"

And I feel really small.

This is that tadpole galaxy it is about 420 million light years away from earth and 390 million light years across, this galaxy is nearly 4 times the size of our own. If you want to feel even smaller think about the fact that there are innumerable amounts of galaxies just like this one in the universe.

Its amazing how creation can bring the reality of everything right to the forefront. I don't know about you but when I look into the chaos of space and realize that our little solar system in our little galaxy does not even come close to the vastness of God's creation I feel humble. I am just a speck in the forever growing universe. Heck our galaxy is just a speck, that makes me a speck of a speck of a speck or something like that.

The coolest thing about it is that all creation was made to glorify the father. From the debts the the universe creation is screaming out HIS name. Because HIS words are written in the heavens...

God's glory is on tour in the skies,
God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.
Madame Day holds classes every morning,
Professor Night lectures each evening.

Their words aren't heard,
their voices aren't recorded,
But their silence fills the earth:
unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.

God makes a huge dome
for the sun—a superdome!
The morning sun's a new husband
leaping from his honeymoon bed,
The daybreaking sun an athlete
racing to the tape.

That's how God's Word vaults across the skies
from sunrise to sunset,
Melting ice, scorching deserts,
warming hearts to faith.



Kevin Davis said...

What's up Ryan. It is crazy and cool to ponder God's greatness and how vast the world is. I love that message version - I actually used it just a few months ago in a teaching for our student community.