Small Towns and Big Towns.

Tuesday night we stopped in a small town called Grand Island, It is Nebraska population is about 30,000 or so. We stayed the night there so we could split the trip to Colorado up some.

Yesterday morning while we were at breakfast I noticed something that I dont typically see in springfield. Everyone there was excessively nice. In the span of 45 minutes or however long it took us to finish eating, three people made comments about our family like: "Your children are great", "You have a perfect family", or "My goodness they are so adorable". Mind you this restaurant was not excessively busy there were probably only 15 people there.

So what is the point? The point is that in the busyness of large towns we have lost sight of community. When Amanda and I got to the car we were laughing because it seems as if in springfield or another large city a person would be more likely to ask you to shut your kid up than comment on how great they are.

Here is to keeping community even in big cities...


Mike McGarvey said...

Nebraska, Good Times, A little jealous you are doing the CO thing though, have a good time with the fam.