Life Lesson #1

I will be doing these Life Lessons from time to time, whenever I do something totally stupid and I think you all can learn from it. Other times maybe I will learn something really cool and feel the need to share it. This time I just did something stupid.

Life Lesson #1-
Never eat sushi from the mall...

If you are anything like me you enjoy some raw fish from time to time. It is a great tasting and healthy little snack. However, as great tasting as raw tuna can be, when it is wrapped up in seaweed, yummy rice, and assorted veggies when that wrapped tuna is no good it is a bad day... I ate this stuff last Thursday and I am finally returning to normal. So learn from my mistake don't eat sushi from the mall. And if you absolutely feel the need to don't choose actual fish, get some of that imitation crab stuff and not real fish.

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