This is why Christianity is failing...

Because people think their ideals are so much better than your own. I dont know about you but I am so fed up with uber conservative Christianity I could barf... Here is something a person said to me on a theology forum I frequent.

"You do not have any points. You never have.
You, and your worthless life are meaningless.
You are nothing. You have nothing to say.
Nobody cares about you or your pointless meaningless opinions.
You're a moron.
You're an idiot.
You don't know God, and He does not know you.
You, and the cult you are in, will fade away."

Where he gets off saying this im not sure. This person does not know me from Adam or does not know what I believe. He sure thinks he does.

From where I stand Jesus did not teach hate. I cant imagine how much hate this guy has built up inside him. It would stick to live life like that...

Here is a link to the conversation.

Its funny to see grown men act in this fashion.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with why christianity is not getting across to anyone outside the church is that it's our responsibility as Christians to be ambassadors of Christ, but as humans we have an incredibly hard time going out and actually doing that. To separate what God's children are trying, but often times miserably failing to say, and what they were actually instructed to do are completely different things.

What it boils down to and what you can take away from this is that obviously even Christians are complete failures sometimes/most of the time at doing what God has put us in charge of because, well we're humans. We see the good we ought to do and somehow we can't manage to accomplish it.

What a love that can see what this man just did to the name of Christ, completely drug it through the mud, and love him despite.