Talk radio is the craze of the future..

I have been listening to Springfield's local talk radio station they syndicate people like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Rush, Michael Savage, and some other lesser known people. I listen to them not necessarily because I agree with them (sometimes I do alot of times I don't) but because they make me laugh. Every single one of them thinks that what they believe is the absolute truth. If you have ever listened to talk radio you know that they set their shows up for people to all and and ask questions, give options and chat.

The other day I found myself agreeing with a the host. They were talking about an add that the website has been circulating. I have embedded it so you can watch it.

Before I rant about this I have to say that I am not ragging on Obama nor am I endorsing McCain they both have their flaws, but this is strictly being written out of fairness.

Obviously they are attacking McCain because he said that he wanted to keep a military presence in Iraq for 100 years. As much as I don't think that is a good idea, I think it is ridiculous to post this ad. It ignores that fact that you join the Armed Forces on a voluntary basis. Its not like We are going to swoop up baby Alex toss a helmet on his head and a m16 in his hands and say "go for it buddy". Not to mention I think It degrades those who are in the armed forces keeping us safe. Further, it degrades McCains own military record which is very impressive.

This will probably be the last time you read a political blog simply because I feel no need to do it often. The only is that no matter who is running we will always be divided between the left and the right. I just wish that people could be civil in the way they approach the other candidates. It annoys me when people use tactics like these that are so silly and irrelevant.