Somthing to think about.

Tonight we started a book study of God On Mute by Pete Greig and Brian McLaren with the youth group. Josh, one of the leaders, usually takes care of it but he had to work tonight so I covered for him. At the beginning of the book there is a poem that was found on the wall in a house where some Jewish people were hiding from the Gestapo.
The poem reads:

I believe in the sun even when its not shining,
I believe in love even when im alone,
I believe in God even when he is silent.

I dont know about you but that strikes a chord inside of me that has needed to be struck for awhile. It is interesting that even in a ministry position I still doubt Gods existence at time. In reality im not sure that its doubt because there is something inside of me that screams for the LORD. Even when he is silent my heart screams for him. But still there are times when I am a doubter. Really I am just a Thomas at heart I want the proof. Yet I see the proof all around me in my wife, my boy, my youth kids, my back yard, and the water I drink. Yet sometimes I doubt.

I say all this to say that it is really easy to believe God when he is moving and speaking, but really tough to believe when he is not.

At the same time something about this poem makes me angry at myself. Think about the person who wrote it. He is a person who is part of Gods chosen people, a person who God seemingly turned his back on, and a person who could be dragged off to a camp and killed any minute. Yet he believes even when he hears nothing, even when all is silent, and even when disaster is on deck. And I have trouble believing when all is well.

My prayer:

God help me to believe when all is well so that I can believe when all is not. I give you my doubt I dont want it anymore...

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Anonymous said...

Not to challenge you, this ia a legitimate question: Do you think God is really ever silent? Or is it just that we don't listen? And even if he is not physically speaking or what have you- isn't he always speaking throught his creations, whether it be the world around us or the people in it? Interesting, I never really thought that he would be silent.

Ryan said...

I do. I can think of periods in time specifically the Holocaust where God was silent. Think about when Jesus in the garden prayed "take this cup from me" God was silent, inactive.

I think I touched on the fact that creation screams for God. But at times it does seem like he is silent and inactive.

To say that he is silent is not to say that he always will be, but momentarily he can be and is at times.

I know in my life I have prayed for things and never received an answer, and thats my whole point, even when God is seemingly silent He is still there.

Do you miss me yet?

Justin Chandler said...

How about the big ole posters I made with those quotes. Wasn't that good times?

And silence doesn't mean non-existence. Only silence.