Redbox is a revolution.

Maybe you dont know what a red box is, maybe you do, but the fact is people love them.
If you dont know what redbox is, its a movie dispensing machine that are at nearly all Mcdonalds. You can rent nearly all new movies there. I also must add they are only a buck a day!

It seems like every time I go to the red box there is like 4 people in front of me. The other day I went and this guy rented 5 movies, went to his car so I could get mine, came back and rented like 3 more. I found it odd that at a dollar a day the guy would rent 8 movies. No way is that guy watching 8 movies in a day.

I think the draw to the redbox has more to do with the fact that you get movies from a machine rather than a person.
Here is a youtube video that is proof of that!

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