Randomness of Little Boys Converstations.

This mornings breakfast consisted of a Moca Frapp and a blueberry muffin from the good ole' Starbucks. Needless to say not the most filling selection I could have made but nonetheless it went right though me.

While I was in the bathroom this took place:

[que door]

Boy # 1: Im going to get the tallest one.

Boy # 2: They are both the tallest one.

Boy # 1: They are the same size.

Boy # 2: What if we went in the girls bathroom.

Boy # 1: That would be a bad idea, they are all stalls.

Boy # 2: Not if you have to poop.

Boy # 1: I actually puked in one before.

Boy # 2: I puked on the gas station floor before that a lot dirtier.

[que flush, pitter patter to the sink, sound of water]

Boy # 1: Why are we washing out hands there is that sanitizer stuff.

Boy # 2: Oh yeah.

[sink shuts off, pitter patter to door, SLAM]

All this as I am recording the dialog on my iPhone...