No meal monday

First off, sorry about the shortage of blogs lately I have been a little busy this weekend.

So here the deal, this blog has turned into somewhat of a community of people from all around the US and really the World. Who the heck are you that reads this thing from South Africa!

On average there is about 25 unique visits a day to this blog and that is increasing fairly quickly. The other day that was 46.

This is what I was thinking. Over the next however long, Im going to fast a meal every Monday (I get to choose what one) and I am going to take the time I would normally be eating and preparing the food to pray for you all.

Who knows what this could turn into but as far as Im concerned the LORD answers prayer so why not have another person in agreement with you.

So here is how this is going to work. Seeing as I dont know about 60 percent of you I dont know what to pray about, thus, if you have needs that you would like me to address you can email me and I will address them.

You can email me at or you can email my through blogger. Either way I will get it!

This should be a good time! Hope you all had a good weekend.


Toni Jean said...

Hey ryan,

I need a job. Really bad.
And by the way, you pretty much rock for fasting. Ya, I mean, you are basicly on your way to being the next Todd Bently. That wasnt a joke. :)


Ryan said...

Haha, Im not sure if thats exactly what im going for, but thats ok. I dont really like Canada so I dont want to be a Canadian...