Emotions verses Reality.

Over the last few weeks it seems like the LORD has been doing a ton of stuff not only personally but inside the Church as a whole. This has spurred a lot of conversations between me and some other friends about what is really of the LORD and what could be summed up as a persons reaction to what the LORD is doing in them.

I find it interesting that in a time of revival, not just because of Florida, there are people popping out of everywhere with what they think about it. There is no doubt that God is doing stuff in the Church, and I think we are at a pivotal point in Christianity where you are either on the bus or off it.

At the same time you have to be in the position where you test what is happening to what has happened. I want the truth just like everyone else, Im not after something that isn't real, but at the same time I want everything that the LORD has to offer.

Right as I was getting ready to post my friend Justin posted nearly the same thing I was going to post. So rather than regurgitating it take a look at what he has to say...

Here is the link to the blog CLICK HERE.

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Justin Chandler said...

Blog references. Right on. Did you like mine for yours? It's a plug-a-palooza.

Amanda said...

I did, returning the favor... Really though, what was in the works was nearly identical..