No meal monday

First off, sorry about the shortage of blogs lately I have been a little busy this weekend.

So here the deal, this blog has turned into somewhat of a community of people from all around the US and really the World. Who the heck are you that reads this thing from South Africa!

On average there is about 25 unique visits a day to this blog and that is increasing fairly quickly. The other day that was 46.

This is what I was thinking. Over the next however long, Im going to fast a meal every Monday (I get to choose what one) and I am going to take the time I would normally be eating and preparing the food to pray for you all.

Who knows what this could turn into but as far as Im concerned the LORD answers prayer so why not have another person in agreement with you.

So here is how this is going to work. Seeing as I dont know about 60 percent of you I dont know what to pray about, thus, if you have needs that you would like me to address you can email me and I will address them.

You can email me at or you can email my through blogger. Either way I will get it!

This should be a good time! Hope you all had a good weekend.

My week at a glance

This last week has been eventful to say the least. I am loving life right now, here is my week thus far.

Saturday- Levi had his first birthday, I cant believe it has been a whole year all ready. It seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. On top of that we will have another little one any day now!

Sunday- Church was great, came home and cleaned up after Levi's birthday bash.

Monday- Class, Guys group, and tacos (yummy). I had class, came home did some homework and made Pico from scratch it was really good. After that went to guys group played football and got eaten up by bugs.

Tuesday- Went to class, came home did a ton of homework. After that Amanda and I went to the ping pong small group we attend. Tons of fun...

Wednesday- Went to class, finished up some homework, went on a date, and went to Church. Thats right we got to go on a date! Wednesday was our anniversary (last year it was overshadowed by Levi's birth) so our friend Monicca watched Levi for awhile while Amanda and I went to Nakatos Japanese Steakhouse. Its a Hibachi grill, tons of fun. After that we went to Church had a great time.

Thursday- Class this morning, I have a softball game at 6:20 and then our friends are coming over for supper with their kids. Should be a really swell time

Its Birthday Cake Time...

Here is the edited video of Levi eating his birthday cake. I knocked off about half of it, however, it is still long. Feel free to skip though. Pay special attention to the Cha Cha Cha during the the Happy Birthday Song.

Hope you are having a good day!

Talk radio is the craze of the future..

I have been listening to Springfield's local talk radio station they syndicate people like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Rush, Michael Savage, and some other lesser known people. I listen to them not necessarily because I agree with them (sometimes I do alot of times I don't) but because they make me laugh. Every single one of them thinks that what they believe is the absolute truth. If you have ever listened to talk radio you know that they set their shows up for people to all and and ask questions, give options and chat.

The other day I found myself agreeing with a the host. They were talking about an add that the website has been circulating. I have embedded it so you can watch it.

Before I rant about this I have to say that I am not ragging on Obama nor am I endorsing McCain they both have their flaws, but this is strictly being written out of fairness.

Obviously they are attacking McCain because he said that he wanted to keep a military presence in Iraq for 100 years. As much as I don't think that is a good idea, I think it is ridiculous to post this ad. It ignores that fact that you join the Armed Forces on a voluntary basis. Its not like We are going to swoop up baby Alex toss a helmet on his head and a m16 in his hands and say "go for it buddy". Not to mention I think It degrades those who are in the armed forces keeping us safe. Further, it degrades McCains own military record which is very impressive.

This will probably be the last time you read a political blog simply because I feel no need to do it often. The only is that no matter who is running we will always be divided between the left and the right. I just wish that people could be civil in the way they approach the other candidates. It annoys me when people use tactics like these that are so silly and irrelevant.

You should watch this...

Its long but worth it.

If you had to write your testimony on a piece of card board what it say?

Mine would probably say something like "rebellious slacker" transformed to "driven follower"

Its really easy to forget what you came from when you haven't been there in awhile. Who knows where I would be right now if it wasn't for God. Im sure it would have something to do with a lot of alcohol and pot. Not really a place I advocate being.

Think about it for awhile. Im interested to see what you all think. Comment or email me your "Cardboard Testimony".

New pictures on Flickr

I have placed all the pictures of Levi's birthday party on my flickr account. Also I will be adding some video of the party once I have a chance to edit it. All and all we had a great time, I cant believe he is 1 already it seems like he was just born.

Nothing to talk about..

Do you ever have those days where there is just nothing to talk about, I have been sitting here for about 20 min typing and erasing stuff. There is so much going on in my head there is nothing to talk about. Has that ever happened to you? I have so much stuff rattling around up there that I cant fully articulate any of the things Im thinking about properly.

So maybe if anything, this is a call to slow down. Take a breather, let some of the stuff you have brewing up there fade for awhile and just enjoy the silence in your head. Im sure I will have something good for you tomorrow, its just not happening today. Haha.

If you are board go to my Flickr account and look at all the pictures, that will give you something to do.

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Sequiota Park Pictures

Amanda and I took Levi to the park today. We had a great time, walked around the cave area, and did some 4x4 stroller pushing. Here are some of my favorite pictures from today. You can see them all on my flicker page to the left.

Flickr has been updated...

My flickr account has been in the works for awhile. I finally think I have it the way I want it. For those of you that don't know, flickr is a really good venue for sharing pictures with people over the web. Its like youtube for photos. There is a little box to the left it will take you to my flicker page if you click on one of the photos. Once there you will be able to keep up to date with things that are happening in our family.
Have a good night!

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Some of you guys have been asking for pictures of the house. If you live in Springfield ignore this. I will post more later...

CrAzY SpRiNgFiEld WeAtHeR...



It is raining buckets...

I took some pictures of the rain here this morning. Its been going non stop for like 5 hours.

You can kinda get a little perspective as to how deep the water is.

This the the river that is running between ours and the neighbors house.

Runoff going down the road.

This is the outspout for the basement system that was put in awhile ago. If we didn't have it all that water would be in the house :/

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Summer time fun...

We got a pool.

Levi likes it.

Here are some pictures.

He Walks

That is right, Levi walked a ton today. I am a proud daddy. Here is a video of him.

Emotions verses Reality.

Over the last few weeks it seems like the LORD has been doing a ton of stuff not only personally but inside the Church as a whole. This has spurred a lot of conversations between me and some other friends about what is really of the LORD and what could be summed up as a persons reaction to what the LORD is doing in them.

I find it interesting that in a time of revival, not just because of Florida, there are people popping out of everywhere with what they think about it. There is no doubt that God is doing stuff in the Church, and I think we are at a pivotal point in Christianity where you are either on the bus or off it.

At the same time you have to be in the position where you test what is happening to what has happened. I want the truth just like everyone else, Im not after something that isn't real, but at the same time I want everything that the LORD has to offer.

Right as I was getting ready to post my friend Justin posted nearly the same thing I was going to post. So rather than regurgitating it take a look at what he has to say...

Here is the link to the blog CLICK HERE.

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This is why Christianity is failing...

Because people think their ideals are so much better than your own. I dont know about you but I am so fed up with uber conservative Christianity I could barf... Here is something a person said to me on a theology forum I frequent.

"You do not have any points. You never have.
You, and your worthless life are meaningless.
You are nothing. You have nothing to say.
Nobody cares about you or your pointless meaningless opinions.
You're a moron.
You're an idiot.
You don't know God, and He does not know you.
You, and the cult you are in, will fade away."

Where he gets off saying this im not sure. This person does not know me from Adam or does not know what I believe. He sure thinks he does.

From where I stand Jesus did not teach hate. I cant imagine how much hate this guy has built up inside him. It would stick to live life like that...

Here is a link to the conversation.

Its funny to see grown men act in this fashion.

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Randomness of Little Boys Converstations.

This mornings breakfast consisted of a Moca Frapp and a blueberry muffin from the good ole' Starbucks. Needless to say not the most filling selection I could have made but nonetheless it went right though me.

While I was in the bathroom this took place:

[que door]

Boy # 1: Im going to get the tallest one.

Boy # 2: They are both the tallest one.

Boy # 1: They are the same size.

Boy # 2: What if we went in the girls bathroom.

Boy # 1: That would be a bad idea, they are all stalls.

Boy # 2: Not if you have to poop.

Boy # 1: I actually puked in one before.

Boy # 2: I puked on the gas station floor before that a lot dirtier.

[que flush, pitter patter to the sink, sound of water]

Boy # 1: Why are we washing out hands there is that sanitizer stuff.

Boy # 2: Oh yeah.

[sink shuts off, pitter patter to door, SLAM]

All this as I am recording the dialog on my iPhone...

My spelling is terrible...

Amanda pointed out today that I have at least one spelling mistake in every one of my posts. Heres to a faulty firefox spell checker right. So from now on im am going to better proof read all my posts so I dont look like a ilitert parsen hoo dont kno howw to spill...

The Wii Hunt is OVER!

I finally found one thank the LORD. I had to drive 30 miles to get it but its in my house now.

Mario Kart here we go.

Funny thing is the Walmart I got the Wii at had like 30, but EVERY place in Springfield was sold out.

Ill take my urine back...

Its not often someone says something like that to you.

Today Amanda had a docters appointment for Baby Luke and I was sitting in the waiting room while she filed out some sort of form.

And out of nowhere they lady comes in from outside comes over to me and says "I'll take my urine back" as loud as possible. Im like "uhh ok" she reached for a little sack that is under the chair im sitting in and then walks off.

Apparently I choose to sit by her urine and she wanted it.

If it was me I would have said something like "could I steal that bag from you" Then grabbed it. I most defiantly would not have yelled "Ill take my urine back" in the middle of the Doctors office.

Moral of the story- Look under your chair when in a doctors office full of pregnant ladies.

Wii hunt part deux..

I have been on the phone all morning and into Gamestops. The only lead I have is from Toys R' Us and thats "uhhh we might get some saterday night, but im not really sure"

Curse you Nintendo...

Look whos next on the PRICE IS RIGHT!!

Maybe some of you watch the Price is Right, I know I do it brings make memories of my Grandma sitting in her chair trying to guess the price of the items.

This lady is not the smartest. If you know anything about the price is right you know that usually you want to bet 1 dollar above the other people to negate their bid, not one dollar below...

The Wii Hunt Continues...

I have been looking for a Wii for a few days now its driving me crazy. I saw like three in the last couple months when I wasn't looking for one to buy, and of course right when I decide to get one they are NOWHERE to be found. Im so mad I could eat a puppy...

Here is to hoping Gamestop has them..

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Arcade Fire, I love them more each day...

Watch the guy with the magazine. Ridiculous...

Somthing to think about.

Tonight we started a book study of God On Mute by Pete Greig and Brian McLaren with the youth group. Josh, one of the leaders, usually takes care of it but he had to work tonight so I covered for him. At the beginning of the book there is a poem that was found on the wall in a house where some Jewish people were hiding from the Gestapo.
The poem reads:

I believe in the sun even when its not shining,
I believe in love even when im alone,
I believe in God even when he is silent.

I dont know about you but that strikes a chord inside of me that has needed to be struck for awhile. It is interesting that even in a ministry position I still doubt Gods existence at time. In reality im not sure that its doubt because there is something inside of me that screams for the LORD. Even when he is silent my heart screams for him. But still there are times when I am a doubter. Really I am just a Thomas at heart I want the proof. Yet I see the proof all around me in my wife, my boy, my youth kids, my back yard, and the water I drink. Yet sometimes I doubt.

I say all this to say that it is really easy to believe God when he is moving and speaking, but really tough to believe when he is not.

At the same time something about this poem makes me angry at myself. Think about the person who wrote it. He is a person who is part of Gods chosen people, a person who God seemingly turned his back on, and a person who could be dragged off to a camp and killed any minute. Yet he believes even when he hears nothing, even when all is silent, and even when disaster is on deck. And I have trouble believing when all is well.

My prayer:

God help me to believe when all is well so that I can believe when all is not. I give you my doubt I dont want it anymore...

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Redbox is a revolution.

Maybe you dont know what a red box is, maybe you do, but the fact is people love them.
If you dont know what redbox is, its a movie dispensing machine that are at nearly all Mcdonalds. You can rent nearly all new movies there. I also must add they are only a buck a day!

It seems like every time I go to the red box there is like 4 people in front of me. The other day I went and this guy rented 5 movies, went to his car so I could get mine, came back and rented like 3 more. I found it odd that at a dollar a day the guy would rent 8 movies. No way is that guy watching 8 movies in a day.

I think the draw to the redbox has more to do with the fact that you get movies from a machine rather than a person.
Here is a youtube video that is proof of that!

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You can now Subscribe to my feed

I just re-setup feed burner. You can now subscribe to my feed and it will update you whenever something new is posted.

To subscribe scroll to the bottom of the page and click Subscribe to feed.

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