Is it possible...

Over the last few days I have been thinking a lot about the New Testament Church compared to the Church of today, mainly because so many people seem to be following a tweaked, streamlined NT Church model as a base for ministry.

However, I notice some huge differences in the way the NT church operated and then way we operate (aside from the 2000 years that separate us), I notice this mainly in the passion people have for the Lord. Anyway, tonight as we were driving home from a T-ball game (awesome I know) I started to ask Amanda some of the questions I have been mulling over the last few days.
Questions like:

Why dosent God seem to work like he did then?

Do you think its possible for a community of believers to be so passionate as they were?

Will we ever come to a point where the spirit is in our lives so much that our shadow
heals people?

If so, what do we as a community to help usher in a move of the spirit of this magnitude?

And lastly, what are the implications for the world if a community of believers love the LORD with this type of passion?

When I was asking these questions, Amanda said something that was so simple yet so loaded at the same time. she said "I don't think there is anyone with that kind of faith." I would like to think that my faith is strong enough to believe for stuff like that, especially because I've seen numerous people healed from ailments that medicine cant explain. Even more than that seen works in my life that could not be attained by anything less than a movement of God.

It is obvious that the answer with out hesitation is yes, it is attainable, God can move in this way if he so chooses. But, why is it that we can see and hear about miracles all the time, yet we still do not have the kind of faith that shakes the foundations of the world as we read in the NT. Maybe I am the only one that is no longer satisfied with a mundane existence. I don't know about everyone else but I feel like over the last few years God has been building an community of Christians who have the faith to see lives changed and people healed not only at Church but in their schools, markets, buses, malls, houses, and work places.

I am praying and believing for a movement of God that is so much bigger than anyone could ever have hoped for. It seems even now that God is doing things in the lives of the young and old alike that will aid in ushering in this sort of faith built, passionate, radical community who aren't self seeking but are truly aiming to meet needs and be Christ on this earth.

Be ready, God is moving, he is raising up a generation of willing ones who are unashamed of him and unafraid to proclaim the truth in a world that searching for something real and authentic.