Long time no type, and why cant we just get along?

It has been a good long while since I posted anything.  These last few weeks have been hectic.  sorry about that I know what i write here is terribly enthralling and you all have been craving for something new right?  Well here it goes...

 So, the why cant we just get along part of this title is something that has been bugging me a lot lately.  

I have been reading this book "God of the Possible: A Biblical Introduction to the Open View of God" by Greg Boyd its fairly brilliant acutely.  His whole point thus far if I am digesting this right is that God has chosen to give himself limited knowledge of the future, rather than the know all God that we are used to God knows all that is possible.  For example, the moment I say I am going to order a pizza God knows im going to order a pizza, but rather knowing the Brand, (is pizza a brand?) type, or size.  He knows all the possible outcomes from every singe brand. type, size of pizza that I could order.  So he knows that if Iorder Pizza Hut I will get sick, but if i order delicious Little Caesars I will be very satisfied.  

            Its understandable why a theory like that would bring up controversy.  However, think about all the times in scripture where God seems to change his mind.  Hezekiah for example talks God into giving him 15 more years of life. There are numerous examples like this all throughout the Bible.  

            Anyway my point is not to simple give an over view of what he thinks.  After I started reading this book I began researching on Ebscohost and google scholar for more information on the Open View.  Then something struck me many of the opponents of the Open View were saying things like "we should pray against this damnable offense against Gods Character"  "those who subscribe to the Open View are surly Hell-bound"."  I am not saying that I have fully bought into this "Open View" but I will say that if anything it does not take away from Gods power it only adds to he.  If we subscribe to this God not only knows the future but every possible future.  Furthermore, it makes more sense just for the mere fact that we were created with a freedom to choose.  What is the point of Mankind if we are all God controlled robots? 

            It just really frustrated me that rather than making their case, for a Calvinist or Armenian view on the foreknowledge of God they condemn those who ascribe to this new thought.  Not to mention this view does a very good job dealing with the problem of evil.  Questions like, “Why did God create the men who flew into the twin towers?”  God knew that outcome was a possibility but he also saw the good that could be done from those men.

            I am not really sure what I think about this yet but I do know that there are some very valid arguments for this view.  What do you guys think?  You can shoot me an email or comment. 


On another note Levi just got into the fireplace here is a picture. 


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you've got a point. that does really help your brain to swallow stuff like, "do we really have choice?" and actually God choosing not to now exactly what will take place just shows that his power is limitless. if a car was about to hit you and you could see it coming, but somehow you can decide to not know about it, that's impressive. but i don't think i'd want to be ignorant of a piece of info like that.