Baby and stairs= bad idea.

Levi was trying to crawl up the stairs and was sort of successful but not really... Watch until the end and listen to Amanda's voice as he falls its hilarious.

Joy Look-alike Meter

I don't think this thing is accurate. Levi and I look like we are the same person. Stupid computer program...

Ice Cream is like crack to an 8 Month old...

Last night I gave Levi some of my ice cream. It was like watching a addict come down from a high. When I took it away I thought his head was going to explode. His lips were shaking and everything..

New Macbook Pro, and iPhone SDK

I got a new MBP yesterday as a replacement for my originally Macbook that I had had numerous problems with. I must say that I really like the multi-touch its more useful than you would think. The only disappointment so far is that the browsing features they incorporated into safari don't work in Firefox. Boo... The thing is blazing fast though, I upgraded the RAM to 4 Gigs from I used this same RAM in my iMac and it seems to work well so we will see..

Apple is releasing the iPhone software developers kit today during the keynote sega came up and previewed Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone, it looks awesome. On another note they are introducing Microsoft exchange support next update. I am excited to get some new apps legally!

First victum

When I decided to start this blog I told people they would be soon to follow. My good buddy Ashley aka Ducky has started one also. You can read her tribute to my awesomeness here: Musings of a Moron.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Levi Snow Pictures!

As promised here are some pictures of Levi playing in the snow. He wasn't to sure about it.

Doctrine of Authenticity

This thing I am calling the "Doctrine of Authenticity" is something that has been brewing from within me for some time now. I think it is coming from a deep desire to see the worlds perception of Christianity flip flopped. I don't know if it is just me or if anyone else has noticed but as Christians we have done an extremely poor job of expressing, living, showing, or defending the life of Jesus and his work. Its like we have fallen into this deep sleep of satisfaction with where we stand in our faith, unwilling to shift from our self seeking ways. Instead of allowing transparency in our lives, and building relationships with others we have built walls that keep us around our "Christian" friends and then we say we are being like Christ by staying "out of this world". Does no one realize how that Jesus was very much in the world?

Please don't take this as a dis, but as a whole Christians have done a horrible job making Jesus appealing to those who are not following him. I would go as far to say that Christianity has let down the world in this aspect. People are looking for authenticity and we have simply neglected to give it. I can sit here and without a shadow of a doubt say that what cued my mind to the reality of Christianity was not cute t-shirts with funny sayings, guys on the corner with signs, or a sweaty T.V. evangelist it was friends who were transparent and authentic in the way they lived and loved for that matter. People who were not afraid to say "I messed up". People who lived out the faith one day at a time.

This soap box might come from years of seeing friends and family reject Christianity because of the way other "Christians" act. Or, it could come from a desire I want with all I have in me to somehow change this perspective that the Church has brought upon itself. Christianity is so much more than a guy on T.V. asking for your money or a guy yelling "you are all going to hell" on the corner. Look at Jesus rather than condemnation he loved. Jesus simply met needs and when those needs were met people realized the life that was in him. Jesus was authentic always, he was the same in private as in public. You could say he was transparent.

So what is the Doctrine of Authenticity? Its a state of mind that requires us to throw out the way we used to do things and move past self seeking desires and into service of others. Its a lifestyle that causes us to act like Christ everyday in every situation. Its not something that we have one day and is gone the next. More than anything it is what people are looking for.

Snow and burning mousse...

It snowed a ton today. About a foot I think, this is the most snow we have had since we have been in Springfield. Amanda got the day off so we are going to play in it with Levi. I will post some pictures after.

I found this cool video of this guy lighting hair mousse on fire. I know random but awesome at the same time... - Watch more free videos

Here is to spring break!

Yep, it is spring break finally. I can use this time to catch up on some junk and get the house put together. We have been here for 4 months and there is still unpacking to do... In the meantime Levi is benefiting from the break also. Maybe we will call this no pants Monday...

First blog here we go!

Well as the title suggests this is in fact my first blog. I don't really know what got me started on this who blogging idea but it should be fun. I can't really tell you what this little blog as whole will entail it will probably be a potpourri of all different kinds of topics. It will most likely serve as a venue to express thoughts I have about different issues, and a avenue to show off my little Boy (boys here soon). But most of all I want it to serve as some sort of inspiration to others. I really enjoy looking into other peoples lives and experiencing stuff with them so here is your chance to experience life with me. Anyway who knows what kind of subjects will pop up on this thing in the future, but I am looking forward to it. Whoo hoo for blogs right. Now go start one so you can all be cool like me...