This blog is no more.....

Hey guys and gals, it is official I have moved from blogger to wordpress and purchased my own domain name. You can now find me at Http:// I look forward to seeing you all there. Please do not forget to update your rss feeds.

Also I have imported all my past blogs to you can still read and comment if you would like.

Ill miss you blogspot, it was fun while it lasted...

under construction

Hey everyone, in case you haven't noticed the blog is in ruins right now. I am in the process of finding a host and getting a domain name. This will probally take place by the end of the week. Im not sure how long it will take to get wordpress up and running on the hosts server but as soon as it is you will know.

Have a good week!


I found a funny new website. Its called FACEinHOLE, it allows you to easily take your face and put it into numerous pictures. Yes I know we can do this in photo shop but this is fun and takes like 2 minutes. Here is my face in a hole.

Oh, if you choose to manually enter the site into your browser make sure you type faceinhole and not facehole like I did. is not as fun, nor kosher as Its amazing what 2 letters can change...

A post about somthing no one cares about anymore.

Yes this is a post about the inauguration (sort of), and im not going to say sorry for it. I know if you are anything like me, you are happy that the election is over and happy that maybe for just a little while all the hooplah will calm down.

so if you ask me,

Today is a day for celebration. Not just because our new president is black.

Not just because (Some think) Obama will being something fresh for a new generation.

Not just because its the end of the Bush Era.


Because we live in a free country where peaceful transitions of power take place.

Because we can disagree with each other on just about every issue imaginable and live to see the next day.

Because God is alive and in control.

Because we are alive.

Because no matter how bad it gets it could always be worse.

Today I am hopeful for our little nation. I am hopeful that we will lay partisan politics aside and do what is best for our country and the world. But most of all i am thankful that no matter who is in office God is still active, moving, and changing lives. He is still holding our tiny nation in his hand and waiting.

Is this how the story goes?

Im sure you are expecting something much more witty and influential than this post is. However, if you are a star wars fan you will get a good kick out of this. I found this on Gizmodo. I can take no credit whatsoever, but its funny.

Basically its star wars summed up by someone who has seen bits and pieces of it. I hope you enjoy it.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Levi and I got into the markers..

I am not satisfied

There have been some random posts around here lately, as im sure you have noticed. Those posts are a tiny part of a poem I wrote a while back. Those little snippets were meant to make you wonder if i was crazy or not. Mainly its about some frustrations I have, and im sure some of you share with me. enjoy..

I am not satisfied
with the way things are
with the way things have been
spiritually, physically, mentally and so on

I am not satisfied
with the left verses right
the conservative verses liberal
the emergent verses Orthodox
the this verses that

I am not satisfied
with being divided
with brothers fighting against brothers
with looking and not finding
with a divided, empty, hurting, and starving



I am hoping
I am believing
I am Rejoicing


I am not the only one

others like me exist
others feel the same way
others are not satisfied
others that want

unity, grace, peace, mercy, love and


[blogger wont format this the way I want, just deal :)]